The enemy I hate

At last, I’ve identified my enemy: the uncleanness of scribalism – certainly not any scribes themselves or even the profession itself (or even people who act an awful lot like scribes), but rather a rather hard-to-define brokenness that is in orbit around the scribal mindset. For you left-leaning types, I hear it is ok to hate anything that ends in “-ism”, for you right-leaning types, maybe you would ascribe the adjective “demonic” to this orbital brokenness? For the rest of this hopefully short series and for the sake of brevity please remember that the focus of my fire is either the mindset of scribalism or the uncleanness of the Pharisees, but certainly not any actual human person, for our battle is not against flesh and blood but against unclean strongholds and dark beings. But take heart, for these strongholds of brokenness are themselves being broken and the light of Christ enlightens every darkness. In the eons to come, we all may very well forget the wicked malice of uncleanness, for if even our God forgets our sin, who will remember it?

An Exhortation to Faith

Make your mind alike to Christ Jesus who entrusted himself to him who judges justly,  even in the face of a violent death at the hands of evil men. Trust not in magic words of a certain prayer, but rather in the fruit of a transformed life and the peace that the Spirit of Christ brings to those who are his.

Compare yourselves to each other no longer, knowing that Christ’s perfection is the only measuring rod that exists in all of creation. Be humble, knowing that the example of Christ will always convict you, for he could call legions of angels to his defense, yet he suffered as a despised criminal, unwilling to snuff out the smoldering wick of humanity or break the bruised reed of the human race.

Be joyful! The Spirit provides everything we need for life and godliness and the same Spirit that guided Christ to the cross to everlasting triumph guides us in the same way, empowering us to be a child of God, making us the scent of life to some, and the scent of death to others. But in the end, we will shown to be Christ’s and he to be ours.

The things I preach to you, I preach to myself as well and would be grateful if you preached them to me too.


Repent, your sin is Theocide

Your sin is Theocide.

God’s wrath burns against your sin because it nailed his Son to the cross.

You might think you’re not a bad sinner, but that’s only because you compare yourself to other sinners. Compare yourself to Christ and see how utterly twisted you are. Christ obeyed the Father even to the point of being crucified on a cross. He saw it coming through the prophecy of scripture and still obeyed. He sweated blood in anticipation of what his obedience would mean for his life and yet he obeyed. Do we have such obedience to God?

By his Spirit and faith, yes we do. If you don’t have his Spirit or faith, ask God for it. Repent from your sin, meaning turn completely away from it. Contact me so I can pray for you and encourage you. Find a community of Christ followers that can encourage you in your new found faith. Pray continually!

Feel free to contact me with objections, questions or comments as well.

In Christ’s Love,